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REVIEW - Is the beginner path in TRY HACK ME worth the price & time .?

Before getting into the review, I must say I'm a complete novice in the Security field. I have done a couple of courses on ethical hacking that were of no use. Since I wanted to get some insight into Cyber-Security, I decided to do some courses during my first term break of my Master's degree. I was surfing through the web to find some beginner-level courses to get hands-on experience and that is when I found about "TRY HACK ME". At first, I was skeptical about paying for the VIP access. Hence, I tried some free rooms which were really good for beginners. I was happy to get the student discount which totaled the price to $8/month. The course is 64 hrs long and I managed to finish it within a week. It was fairly easy if you know some basics and some rooms require you can refer to write-ups if you get stuck at some point. The following topics are covered in the course:

  • Linux - Basics in Linux and usage of the Linux CLI (Command Line Interface)

  • Web Application Security - The OWASP top 10 is covered with practical application of the theory.

  • Cryptography - Different types of Hashing and decrypting using John The Ripper.

  • Network Security - Usage of tools like Nmap for enumeration and netcat, etc.

  • Scripting Challenges - Scripting is limited since we will be using pre-written python and bash scripts.

  • Privilege Escalation - Lots of real-time explanations on Privesc.

It almost covers most of the topics on every module. If you are a beginner, I highly recommend you finish this course to get the most basic idea of Computer Security. My key advice if you're taking this course would be to try everything by yourself and if you're stuck in something for a very long time then read the writeups. I would recommend the THM Beginner path if you're starting out and try "HACK THE BOX" after finishing it. If you have any doubts about the course do feel free to email or DM on the below-mentioned social media accounts. Adios!


My Social media handles:
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> THM 
> HackerOne 

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